Season 7 has started 2010-07-06

The first episode of the TibiaME Tales Season 7 is now online. On Solahmar, NPC Bazi appeared, a strange guy who wants to sell a mysterious treasure map to you. Rumour has it that this map could show you the way to a secret island! No doubt, real adventurers would try their luck. So how about you? Are you in on it?

New fansite 2010-06-17

Congratulations! The fansite Tibia-ME.net has become an officially supported TibiaME fansite.

Tibia-ME.net can easily be accessed with modern mobile phones. On the site you can upload own screenshots and chat with other players in the fansite's forum. Also, you can have a look at current highscore lists there.

TibiaME in Malay 2010-06-17

TibiaME is now available in Malay. You can activate the language in your Settings Menu. Currently this option is only available in the Symbian clients - Java will follow soon.

Black belt bug 2010-05-28

Thanks to some bug reports from players, we found a bad bug in the black belt quest, which allowed players to gain the quest reward more than once. We have now fixed the bug.

The reporters are rewarded Premium time. The players that abused the bug however have to face following consequences:

  • All their black belts are replaces with leather legs
  • Gold gained from trade of black belts was deducted again
  • Banishment of 7-14 days, depening on the amount of abuse
Players, who bought one the items, were not punished.

Spring Update 2010 2010-05-11

Today, May 11, the spring update will be released. Enjoy the new trade features, the balancing improvements and many more!

Download the new clients here.

Note by Raistlin: You may download clients here at Downloads section as well.

TibiaME Beta Test 2010-04-22

It is time for the TibiaME Beta Test for the Spring Update 2010! Already today, all administrators of our supported fansites are invited to thoroughly test the new features of the update. For this reason, it is really worth it to throw a glance at our fansites to check for some hot news. Tomorrow, all other players will be able to access the test server as well.

Further details will be available tomorrow, in our TibiaME forum.

Enjoy the TibiaME Beta Test for the Spring Update 2010!

Spring update 2010 2010-04-12

Our eagerly awaited spring update is just around the corner. In the past couple of months, many of you provided us with some pretty good ideas for new features and general improvements of the game. We took some of the most promising community suggestions to heart, developed them further and now we are going to introduce them with the upcoming spring update!

Episode 6 is online! 2010-04-07

The time has come for the season 6 finale! Visit Gyaku village on Yabutu and fight against Onechenbar. Also have a look for Linakyu and Nool on Yabutu, they might need your help.

Episode 5 is online! 2010-03-23

Episode 5 of Season 6 has been published today. The sheep are loose on Fabulara! Protect your garden!

Episode 4 is online! 2010-03-09

Episode 4 of Season 6 has been published today. Gatireda on Banuna Beach West has a crocodile problem and needs your help. And a new villain named Francis is loose. Duck and cover!

High-Resolution Client Graphics 2010-03-03

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Episode 3 is online! 2010-02-09

Episode 3 of Season 6 has been published today. There is a new raid on Solahmar, with dangerous Skeletons. Also have a look for Rognarak at the big mountain chain on Solahmar - he needs your help.

Episode 2 is online! 2010-01-26

New High-Resolution Client Screenshots 2010-01-17

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Episode 1 is online! 2010-01-12

The first episode of the TibiaME Tales Season Six has been published today. Have a look at the new ice dragon dungeons. Season Six will bring you 6 new Episodes containing new raids and hunting grounds.